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Earth Democracy

Earth Democracy

Course Description:

In this course, Dr Vandana Shiva will take you through her life journey to live and anticipate Earth Democracy – the recognition that we are members of the Earth Family and
have a duty to care for the earth and all her beings.

Earth Democracy shapes living economics and living democracy that protects the rights of Mother Earth and all her people and cultures.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course you should be able to:

1. Explain the concept of Earth Democracy and how it differs from our normal perspective
2. Understand the nature of the transformation we must undergo as a global society
3. Use these concepts to successfully regenerate your local area


Module 1 • Earth Democracy: Regenerative Action

Module 2 • Cultivating Cultures of Oneness: In Our Minds and In Our Lives

Module 3 • Anti Nature Economy to Living Economy

Module 4 • Failed Democracy to Living Democracy

Requirements for enrolled Degree students to earn 1 Credit:

Required Reading

Reading resources all by Dr. Shiva:

End of course essay describing the impact on your life of studying this material

  • For BA students – 6-9 pages in length
  • For MA students – 10-15 pages in length
  • For PhD students – 20-25 pages in length

The rules guiding our assignment collection and grading process can be found here: Ubiquity University Grading Policy

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Vandana Shiva, PhD holds a Master’s degree in physics and PhD in the philosophy of science, and has recevied an impressive number of awards. In 1993 she won the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”. In 2003, Time magazine had called her an “environmental hero” and Asiaweek magazine nominated her one of the continent’s five most powerful communicators.

In 1982 she created the Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology, and in 1987 she founded Navdanya, a movement in defence of food sovereignty, seeds, biodiversity and the rights of small farmers which promotes organic agriculture and fair trade.

Shiva has written numerous books, including “Monocultures of the Mind: Perspectives on Biodiversity and Biotechnology“, “The Violence of the Green Revolution: Third World Agriculture, Ecology, and Politics” and “Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge”. She is on the boards of a number of organisations, including the World Future Council, International Forum on Globalisation and Slow Food International. In 2004 she founded Bija Vidyapeeth, or the School of the Seed, an international college where, among other things, meetings on organic farming techniques and natural insecticides are held.

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