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Decoding Alien Intent with Reed Summers

Format: 4 Live Zoom Live Webinars
Dates: Thursdays, June 20, June 27, July 4, July 11 at 11 AM Pacific
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Faculty: Reed Summers
Academic Credit Options: See Program Overview

Decoding Alien Intent 
starting June 20 2024

Brief Course

This 4-week course will provide a logical process you can use for assessing the motive, intent and involvement of non-human intelligence (NHI) in our world. With this we will explore the evidence and capabilities available for making an accurate assessment of who these beings are, what they are doing and what their overall agenda is in making contact with the human species. In addition to identifying the key signs and signals necessary to decode the agenda of NHIs, Reed will examine the impact these agendas may have on the process of Disclosure and the alternate pathways available for gaining public insight into the visitation taking place in our world.

Intro Video

Learning Objectives 

  • Engage in a high level analysis of the 80-year phenomenon of visitation to our world by non-human intelligence (NHI).
    Identify the most probable explanations for NHI motives, involvements and agendas with the human species and the types of agendas this behavior suggests.
  • Understand 8 key capabilities we have in making a starting assessment of the visitation and how you can move from possibilities to probabilities in your understanding of the phenomenon.
  • Formulate your own “starting assessment” of the present NHI visitation and understand the process for developing logical and evidence-based conclusions over time.
  • Correlate NHI visitation with current trends in human society, international affairs and technological development and understand how connections can and cannot be made.
  • Learn about the history of interventions in our world and how relevant fields such as international relations, military history and species-interaction can inform our approach to engaging and communicating with other forms of intelligent life.
  • Understand how NHI agendas relate to the movement of Disclosure and the 5-part shift necessary to safeguard the Disclosure effort from detrimental human and NHI influence.
  • Understand the concepts of “human sovereignty” and “rules of engagement” and the necessary process of establishing and securing our “sovereign domain” in our local region of space.
  • Consider the convergence of Contact, sovereignty and disclosure and the possible platforms for action and a united human response.

What will be covered each week?

  • Lecture 1: What is Happening? An Overview of 80 years of Alien Activity and Behavior
  • Lecture 2: Analyzing the Alien Agendas: Motive, Intent and Involvement with the Human Species
  • Lecture 3: Disclosure of Alien Agendas and the Impact on Society
  • Lecture 4: Human Sovereignty and Our Human Rules of Engagement

About Reed Summers

Reed Summers writes and speaks extensively on the UFO/UAP phenomenon and its disclosure to the public and presents a comprehensive and logical framework for understanding Contact and our human evolution in a universe of intelligent life. His body of work sheds light on the activities and agenda of the non-human intelligence (NHI) operating in our world and works to unravel the mystery of who these beings are, what they are doing and the overarching purpose that has propelled their involvement with the human species over the past 80 years. His insights offer both a nuanced perspective on the intricate dynamics at play and deeper insight into the profound questions surrounding our human species’ present and future interaction with other forms of intelligent life.


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