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Beyond the Veils: An Immersion in the Temples of Humankind at Damanhur

All photos are credited to: Associazioni Temple dell’Umanita.


Beyond the Veils: An Immersion in the Temples of Humankind at Damanhur


Course Description:

Join Esperide Ananas Ametista – psycho-sociologist, author, healer, and citizen of the spiritual federation of communities of Damanhur for almost three decades – as she guides us on a virtual pilgrimage inside the extraordinary Temples of Humankind. These Temples are a modern cathedral, carved out by hand in the heart of a mountain by the citizens of Damanhur.

In conversation with Jim Garrison, she discussesd the relationship between humanity and the divine planes, and the awakening of the Divine masculine principle and it’s merging with the Feminine to reach spiritual completion. Esperide also introduces us to Damanhurian techniques that take us “beyond the veil,” including the Oracle active at Damanhur, and informed by research in the fields of art, healing and the esoteric, that carry us back along lines of time all the way to Atlantis.

This 3-day program of exploration through the Temples includes a series of meditations and a special energetic experience through “Selfica,” a spiritual technology unique to Damanhur.

The Temples of Humankind are a contemporary sacred space dedicated to collective Awakening. The magnitude and beauty of these large underground Halls is breathtaking. They are a great work of art, considered by many to be the Eighth Wonder of the world or, perhaps, the First Wonder of the New World. The Temples act as a powerful antenna, consciously built on a meeting point of Synchronic Lines, the cosmic rivers of energy that connect all Life.

The Beginnings

“The first pickaxe hit the rock on a warm August night. It was on a Saturday in 1978. Falco (Damanhur’s Founder) and ten friends sat around a fire. In a clearing behind a house, in the shelter of Vidracco hill, these early Damanhurians witnessed a great shooting star trace the sky, bright and slow. It was a rare sight. A trail of visible, golden stardust fell to Earth behind it. It was interpreted as the sign that it was a good moment to begin digging a tunnel into the mountain, towards the heart of Earth, to build a work of art dedicated to the sacred aspect within every human being.

“As soon as the meeting ended, two Damanhurians began chipping away at the rock of the mountain with only a hammer and a pick. They continued digging with great fervor all night. In the morning others came to carry on the work. Over a meter had been excavated inside the mountain overnight. Groups of people worked continual four-hour shifts for fifteen days before the pace relaxed, but never stopped. With only hand tools, fifteen people continued the tunneling. Pick, shovel, buckets, pick, shovel, chisel, hammer, buckets… Thought to be synonymous with digging inside the self, digging inside the mountain had deep significance and the work strengthened their union and friendship.

“Enthusiasm united the Damanhurians in the pleasure of group activity with a taste for secrecy. Permission to excavate would never have received sanction from the local government, for the Piedmont Region had no laws regulating underground buildings of that magnitude. Besides, the project would have appeared impossible to realize. So, secrecy was maintained for sixteen years. …”

From Rock, Art and Light, a photo book on the Temples of Humankind, Scripta Maneant, 2019 — https://www.thetemples.org/product/temples-of-humankind-rock-art-and-light/

For more about Damanhur and access to the virtual tour of the Temples, go to: www.damanhur.org, or www.thetemples.org.

To discover more about Selfica: https://sel-et.com/what-is-selfica/?lang=en

Virtual Pilgrimage Schedule

Day 1 • Welcome to the Temples of Humankind. The Labyrinth.

In this introductory day, we will describe the role of the Temples as a planetary antenna for connection with the divine forces of humanity. We will discuss why it is relevant to build sacred space in these times of transition. We will discover that no matter whether it is through a collective work of art like the Temples of Humankind or a small personal altar, these points of focus with the transcendental dimension can help us align ourselves with higher reservoirs of energy and information. We will experience various halls virtually through video and/or a slide show of stunning images.

Stitched Panorama

The Labyrinth is a stunning Hall dedicated to the harmony and union of all divine forces. It tells the story of future harmony and peace among the peoples of the world, through hundreds of depictions of divine Forces painted on the walls and created in stained glass. These forces or deities are the archetypes of humankind’s highest ideals. Symbolically, each divinity represents the way in which a people conceives of and interprets reality. Some of the deities are painted as adults, others are children: they interact with each other to create a new balance in the divine planes. War gods fall in love or into a deep sleep and lay down their weapons; forces of art and beauty depicted near gods of creation and healing remind us of how much richness and power the human soul contains. Forces connected to nature from all continents remind us that we are one with the Earth and the cosmos.

Day 2 • The Sacred Wedding of the Masculine and the Feminine Principle: The Hall of the Earth and the Hall of Victory.

After discussing the relationship with the divine planes outside us, the second immersion inside the Temples will be dedicated to how we can fully awaken to the divine within. Central to Damanhur’s philosophy is the harmonizing and merging of the masculine and the feminine principles within each one of us, to obtain spiritual androgyny. No matter our birth gender or our sexual orientation, every human being has feminine and masculine aspects within. Pan and Gaia, Shiva and Shakti constantly dance within us, and in their sacred marriage we can find the key to awakening and happiness, and the strength to take actions that will change the world.

The Hall of Victory is rich in paintings, mosaics, sculptures and glass works: it is a celebration of Mother Earth, who gives life and nourishes all creatures throughout time.

The main themes of the art works are the cycle of existence and the diversity of life on our planet. The walls are decorated with paintings representing all the different landscapes of the Earth: mountains, forests, plains, rivers, the sky and the ocean floor. Hundreds of endangered animal species are painted in their different natural environments or almost hidden by the leaves of large trees, reminding us of our responsibility to protect and preserve all forms of life.

In the center of the room stands a sculpted, painted and gilded column of a man and a woman uniting heaven and earth – the heavens represented by the ceiling, the earth symbolized by the floor. The faces of the man and the woman are covered with gold leaf, to convey human beings as a bridge between the spiritual and material planes.

The Hall of the Earth, located thirty meters underground and connected to the Hall of Victory by eight steps, celebrates the earth element as the masculine principle.

Besides supporting life and all living beings, the Earth also has deep and explosive energies, such as the force of volcanoes and her central core, which relate to the masculine, generative principle. It is the same principle that supports the constant rebirth of vegetation, the life-force that animates nature. Some Native Americans call this force Kokkopelli, the ancient Romans Faunus, in China it is known as Tudi Gong. In Damanhur, we use the name-frequency of the ancient Greek god of nature, Pan, a powerful, passionate and kind god, who loves music and poetry, and protects nature and the earth.

Pan means everything: this divine force supports a renewed, harmonious, generous and creative Divine Masculine, ready to protect life in the loving embrace of the Goddess, whose presence, in many of her manifestations, is felt by all the sensitive souls on the planet. As the earth is changing frequency, freeing her full power to help us ascend, it is time for the masculine to be activated and harmonized. This is the creative energy of a new beginning: the awakening of the divine masculine to heal the planet and give energy to our actions.

Paintings adorning the circular walls recount the story of humanity according to Damanhurian philosophy, including: the descent of the Human Principle and the united divinity of the masculine and feminine; the creation and the evolution of the universe; Time; the development of civilizations; the battle against one’s limitations, and the awakening of the God within.

Day 3 • “Beyond the Veils of Reality” – a Meditation in the Hall of Water

One of the first Halls of the Temples to be built, the Hall of Water, is a truly mystical space. Dedicated to the Feminine principle, to birth and death and their interconnectedness, this Hall is a Portal to the mysteries of the Beyond. The circular walls of the Hall of Water are covered with mystical signs and diagrams that have the function of helping us to remember who we really are, both individually and collectively. Many of the diagrams correspond to archetypal symbols deposited in the collective psyche of humanity, connecting us to our stellar origins, and the direction of humanity’s awakening.

Esperide will talk about the Oracle active at Damanhur, and the research through the lines of time all the way from Atlantis, to help us better understand humanity’s collective Mission.

The session will conclude with a guided channeled journey, in order for you to experience this Hall as a Portal for your own exploration beyond the Veil. During the meditation, Esperide will use “Selfica”, a spiritual technology unique to Damanhur to transport you energetically inside the Hall of Water. Selfic intelligences open an expanded, loving and very safe field of perception, built on a transmission of healing energy. As your body rejuvenates and rests, you will be literally “training” your sensitivity, increasingly learning to expand your perception of what is real. Your physical senses learn to fine tune to those of your soul. Your body learns to distill substances that will take you on journeys comparable to the deep opening reached through plant medicine. Here, all you need is your breath, and your willingness to play and be present.

The Hall of Water is one of the oldest areas in the Temple. It is dedicated to the Goddess as the archetypal source of the feminine presiding over life and death, dreams and wakefulness, knowledge and memory. Dedicated to the feminine principle, this Hall is in the shape of a chalice or womb, symbol of receptivity, offering and welcome.

A beautiful glass dome fills the Hall of Water with oceanic color, reminding us that water is the ultimate feminine element. Metaphysical diagrams, painted by Falco Tarassaco (1950-2013), founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur, cover the circular walls of the Hall of Water, with signs in ancient languages, and patterns of the interactions between metals, spirals and the energy fields surrounding the Earth. This Hall is a library; and observing these complex signs and diagrams help awaken ancient memories, and give access to ancient reservoirs of humanity’s knowledge.

September 2019, Damanhur, Vidracco (Torino)

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Esperide Ananas Ametista, MA., Hon PhD, Wisdom University is a Socio-psychologist, energy therapist, spiritual facilitator, and expert in meditation and creative visualization. She has worked for international organizations including the European Parliament and the UN, specializing in gender equality. Almost thirty years ago, Esperide decided to become a resident citizen of the Spiritual Federation of Damanhur to deepen her spiritual practices and metaphysical knowledge. There, she graduated in Spiritual Healing, specializing in cellular rejuvenation and energy activation of the human being. For many years, she has conducted research into ritual since ancient time, and led hundreds of people to retrieve memories of the vastness of their presence throughout time, in order to better identify their current life purpose. She is trained in transformative peace negotiation, and is a certified SoulCollage facilitator. Esperide speaks five languages fluently, is a writer, and loves poetry, literature, films and music. She is also a published lyricist.


Jim Garrison, PhD is the President and Founder of Ubiquity University. He has been studying great books since childhood as the son of missionaries to China and Taiwan where he was able to delve into eastern spirituality, particularly Buddhism and Taoism. His double Masters degree in the History of Religion and Christology at Harvard University and his doctorate on a Jungian analysis of ancient Judeo-Christian apocalyptic literature at Cambridge University enabled him to study texts across the spectrum of Axial religions and wisdom traditions. He has spent a lifetime studying great books from east and west, both ancient and modern, sacred and secular.

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