Beyond the Mind, Varese Ligure, Italy, Aug 28 – Sept 1, 2021

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A five-day workshop on Biotransenergetics – a Psychology of Presence: here, now and all around. This course covers shamanism, mindfulness, spirituality and psychotherapy.

Dates: August 28 – September 1, 2021
Location: Agriturismo Fattoria Monte Carmel, Teviggio Piane 9, 19028 Varese Ligure, La Spezia, ITALY
Faculty: Pier Luigi Lattuada MD, PsyD, PhD
Logistics Info:  Please visit – Monte Carmel
Academic Credit: Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral – 4 credits
For further information contact Nora Silini

Beyond the Mind 

This workshop will cover both the theory and practices of Biotransenergetics (BTE) including the Passage from the ZeroPersistency of the Contact and Mastery of the Transe.

According to BTE, the transe is the state or field that allows one to have direct contact with the Self through the felt sense, that is, our true nature and its spiritual dimension. The word transe describes a non-ordinary state of consciousness, which from a psychological perspective can be seen as an integral state of being on each of the five levels of experience: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

By persisting with contact and letting it flow, our mind becomes empty and false needs disappear. At the same time, different roles and masks we have built for ourselves vanish and, finally, we find ourselves again. The light appears at the end of the tunnel, just as the darkest night is always followed by the dawn.

By persisting with contact and letting go, chronic tensions in our body, depository of past traumas and current conflicts of the ego, dissolve and life starts pulsating again in our body so that biological pulsation and healing occur.

By mastering the transe, we can “make one from two,” namely, we become the other instead of working with the other, and we become the problem instead of working on it. Becoming the other creates the conditions to overcome any conflict – which is just the contraposition of two opposite forces. When we master the transe, we develop the capacity for transforming any enemy into an ally, any symptom into a message, any force into our own force.

Moreover, we can access Transpersonal Consciousness, as well as experience archetypal forces such as earth, water, air and fire, and finally harmonize with them. When we master the transe, we can find our place within the forests and the ocean, with the animals and stones, waterfalls and the moon, and experience everything as a manifestation of Unity, God, the One, Great Spirit, Supreme Consciousness, the Matrix, the Field – however one wants to call it.

Each day of the seminar will include lectures, group discussions, in-depth experiential practices and supervised work with Biotransenergetic methods.  All of these will help you learn effectively incorporate the use of BTE as Self-Mastery Soft Skills in your daily life or within your psychotherapy or counseling practices.

Daily Program

First session
Maps and theoretical models

Second session
Dreaming Body
Archetypal movements to improve awareness of proprioceptive, visceral and kinesthetic signals

Third session
Medicine circle: Persistency of Contact
Passing from the Zero, not doing, Self-healing

Fourth session
Freedom from the known
Eye-work, archetypal soft breathing and non-strategies

Fifth session
Freedom from the known
Deep breathing and drumming

Sixth session
Shamanic Journey
Archetypal, symbolic, imaginal process with drumming and breathing

Seventh session
Medicine circle: Self-healing practices
Mindfulness, sound work, deep listening

Eight session
Mastery of the Transe
Captation, Auto-captation: Emphatic identification

Ninth session
Psicotranse: Disappearing, flowing, harmonizing, integrating

Tenth session
Contest, test, structure, process of verbal and non-verbal communication in BTE

The workshop will provide:

  • Lectures on the theory, development, and practice of Biotransenergetics, maps of consciousness, non-ordinary states of consciousness, the five levels of experience and theoretical models of psychotherapy;
  • Lectures and group discussions on the Dreaming Body – a sequence of corporal practices the client performs guided by the psychotherapist, the theory of the transe state, the beneficial use of psicotranse in psychotherapy, captation (a modality of listening into the field), auto-captation, emphatic identification, and the structure and process of verbal and non-verbal communication in the practice of Biotransenergetics;
  • Experiential practice of archetypal movements to improve personal awareness of proprioceptive, visceral, and kinesthetic signals, and symbolic, archetypal, and imaginal processes accompanied with drumming and breathing to intensify sensorial experience;
  • Passage from the Zero, Persistency of the Contact, Mastery of the Transe, Freedom from the Known.
  • Integration through group sharing of the weekend insights, experiences, and learnings


Dr. Pier Luigi Lattuada a Transpersonal Psychotherapist from Milan, Italy is a Medical Doctor. He has a PhD in Behavioral Studies and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Founder of Biotransenergetics and the Integral Transpersonal Institute, Pier Luigi is the Director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, which has been fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002.  He is also the director of the Training in Transpersonal Counseling accredited by AssoCounseling. He is an Adjunct Faculty at Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA and Faculty and Chair of Department of Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University. In the past he also worked as medical director of the Lifegate Holistic Medicine Clinic of Milan, and as scientific director of Integral Transpersonal Journal. He serves as co-Vice-President of EUROTAS. Pier Luigi has published sixteen books since 1985, more than 30 articles since 1980, and, since 1988, he has presented Biotransenergetics in more than 50 International Conferences in several countries including Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Moldova, Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Hungary, and China.

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Biotransenergetics is a poetic act, an innovative Transpersonal Psychotherapy Methodology conceived by Dr. Lattuada in 1982. It has been developed through more than 40,000 hours of clinical work and research. This methodology has been presented in twelve published books, and in several workshops and lectures in Italy as well as in the following countries: France, Spain, Austria, USA, Brazil, Switzerland, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Mexico, Russia, and China.

Books translated into English
Lattuada P.L. (2012) Beyond the Mind, ITI ed. ebook, Milano
Lattuada Pier Luigi (2013): Biotransenergetics:  ITI ed. ebook, Milano,
Lattuada Pier Luigi (2017) Transpersonal Revolution? In McMullin, Hess & Boucouvalas (Eds.) Metamorphosis through Conscious Living. A Transpersonal Perspective. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

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Lattuada P.L. (2018), Transpersonal Psychology as a Science, Integral Transpersonal Journal, 11, 26-51 

For further information on the course or the location & for registration, please contact Nora Silini, Director of Admissions and Enrollment at Ubiquity University.