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An open five-day scientific and experiential exploration of consciousness.


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18-22, 2024


Residential Conference

Broughton Sanctuary
Skipton, Yorkshire, UK


Academics, Researchers and Practitioners
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Masters – 4 credits Doctoral – 4 credits

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or for Academic Credit

"A mixture of rigorous science and insightful experience embedded in the kindness and curiosity of the fellow participants"
2023 Participant

Since its inaugural event in 2021, the annual Science and Consciousness conference has devoted itself to bridging the gap between scientific research and consciousness experiences that can’t be explained by currently accepted theories.

Having explored Wyrd Time last year, 2024 will focus on Wyrd Space. What is the nature of space in the subtle dimensions of information and energy fields? How come the boundaries of linear space do not seem to apply? How does non-locality work? How does one align a physical space in our material world with vitalising information and energy?

Featuring talks and discussions with the world’s top scientists, academics and practitioners in the field of consciousness studies and real-time experiments that everyone is invited to take part in, participants come away with a real sense of what in Anglo-Saxon terms was referred to as ‘wyrd’; an inherent understanding of our deep interconnection with the world about us.

The conference builds on the work of Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, Princeton scientists who dedicated almost thirty years to exploring our ability to affect the world around us with our consciousness. Their findings statistically demonstrated that we are indeed interconnected at the informational energetic level, and can interact outside of the standard parameters of time and space.

In other words, they empirically proved what ancient wisdom traditions have long stated; that interconnectedness with the world around us is a fact. The survival of humankind depends on our ability to learn this for ourselves.

The beautiful Broughton Sanctuary, where the event takes place, is now host to the equipment used in these experiments. You can explore this equipment for yourself, as well as taking the time to experience deep nature-connection through the use of Broughton’s facilities. The 3,000-acre Estate contains wildflower meadows, woodland, a vast nature-recovery program, a labyrinth, fire temple, Wellbeing Center and much more!

Available to the public or for Academic Credit

During these programs, you can expect to:

"The highlight of my year!"

Confirmed for 2024

Walter van Lucadou, PhD

Jude Currivan, PhD

Peter Merry, PhD

Sujith Ravindran

Jenefer Bell

Paula Petry, PhD

Paolo Morley-Fletcher 

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne

Luigi Sciambarella

Vasileios Basios, PhD

Kirsty Allan

Dr. Jeffrey Dunne

Wolfhardt Janu, PhD

Hans Andeweg

Gnomo Orzo

Specialist Contributors over the Years:

David Vernon, PhD

Paula Petry, PhD

Peter Merry, PhD

Donna Thomas, PhD

Steve Taylor, PhD

Marc Wittmann, PhD

Wolfhardt Janu, PhD

Bernard Carr, PhD

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne

Karen Darke

HH Khedrupchen Rinpoche

Paolo Morley-Fletcher 

Luigi Sciambarella

Dr. Jeffrey Dunne

Benjamin J. Butler

Kirsty Allan

Dr. David Luke

Dr Vasileios Basios

Sheila Pryce Brooks

“This event will challenge you on many levels, and at the same time allow you to ask questions that you have never thought of or dreamed of. You will come away with a different perspective on life.”

Dr. Brenda Dunne

Headed the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, founder International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL)

The Location

Participants stay at Broughton Sanctuary, set in the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. With 3,000 acres of moors and woodlands, a spa and retreat centre, historic house and cozy cottages, and many facilities for outdoor activities, it is the ideal place to be exploring reconnection!

“Broughton Hall is the most beautiful environment for learning and connecting.”

Former participant

Pricing and Travel

Program costs: £799

Food and Accommodation to be paid for separately via Broughton Sanctuary - click below

The Broughton Sanctuary is easily accessible by plane, car and public transport.

3 miles from Skipton Railway Station
24 miles from Leeds Bradford Airport
55 miles from Manchester Airport

For more info and maps see here

The most enlightening course I’ve ever been on. Connection between Science & Consciousness is the way forward….. Go and get involved!

Rachel Earing

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Gnomo Orzo

Gnomo Orzo (Rinaldo Accorti) has been living in Damanhur Federation since 1988. He is a spiritual healer and an instructor in the Damanhurian School of Meditation and School for Spiritual Healing. He has worked for many years alongside Falco Tarassaco, founder of Damanhur and of the new discipline of Spiritual Physics. Gnomo is now one of the most enthusiastic researchers in this field. Orzo loves to travel: he has visited many places in the world in order to deepen his knowledge. These sites have inspired him with a new interpretation of the history and the culture of ancient civilizations. In particular, he has focused on the myth of Atlantis and of the peoples that disappeared in the Mediterranean sea. Orzo feels particularly connected to the island of Santorini and the ancient civilization that flourished there. In recent years, Gnomo has specialized in the study of the ancient civilization of Rama in Val di Susa (Italy), and its encounter with peoples coming from Egypt. He is the author of How many holes does a ring have? (Devodama ed.) and I MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Selfica, technology for the Third Millennium (Damanhur ed.). He will give a talk on The Big Breath Theory – a self-similar universe hypothesis.

Hans Andeweg MSc

Sheila Pryce Brooks is a PhD researcher at the University of York, researching the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of sleep paralysis and related phenomena, such as near-death experiences, astral projection, lucid dreaming, alternative dimensions, and non-human intelligences. Her work also encompasses ufology and ‘alien’ abductions, consciousness, and the nature of reality, exploring how these elements influence extraordinary spiritual experiences. Sheila’s research aims to bridge scientific understanding with spiritual phenomena, promoting holistic healthcare and wellness practices that integrate these profound insights, bringing humanity to a new place of understanding.
For more details, you can visit her website at www.sheilaprycebrooks.com.

Hans Andeweg MSc

Hans Andeweg MSc. is a renowned expert in the field of energetic healing and co-founder and managing partner of Center for ECOintention. With over 30 years of experience, Center for ECOintention specializes in revitalizing organizations and ecosystems through remote energy work, a method known as ECOintention. This innovative approach is successfully applied to over 100 international projects annually, resulting in measurable improvements in vitality, productivity, biodiversity, and overall health. (www.ecointention.com)

ECOintention is a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, as detailed in Hans Andeweg’s books, “In Resonance With Nature” and “The Universe Loves A Happy Ending.” The method enhances life energy through focused attention and directed intention, teaching managers the Principles of Energetic Guardianship to optimize the health and vitality of their systems. The positive impacts of ECOintention are evident in increased organizational productivity, happier staff, and better financial outcomes.

At this year’s ‘Science and Consciousness’ conference, Hans Andeweg will present a lecture titled “The Energetics of Space-Time in Nature and Organizations – 30 years of applying ECOintention.” This lecture will explore how ECOintention connects energy and information to bounded spaces, highlighting both the energetics involved and the parameters used to measure environmental impact, such as biodiversity. Hans’ insights promise to offer valuable perspectives on the intersection of science, consciousness, and practical energy work.

Jenefer Bell

Born into a family of Irish/Scots heritage, Jenefer found her purpose as a seer and Navigator when she was apprenticed to a senior spokeswoman and cultural liaison of an Original Sovereign clan in Australia, who taught Jenefer how to map and navigate her inner realms through Lucid Dreaming. Jenefer’s indigenous ‘Celtic’ culture is interwoven with the embodied knowledge from working with Original Sovereigns over the past four decades. 
The braiding of these two strongly psycho-creative cultures within Jenefer has catalysed a unique embodied perception of mapping inner states of consciousness and what it means to navigate the metaphysical realms as Dreamwalkers. 
Jenefer Bell received a Doctor of Arts from The University of Sydney, Australia, for her research on the traditional construction methods of her ancestral cultural art forms from Scotland and Ireland. 
She teaches the art and science of Lucid Dreaming in groups.

Dr Jude Currivan

Dr Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author, Evolutionary Leaders Circle member and previously a senior UK-based international business woman. She has a Master’s degree in physics from Oxford University specializing in cosmology and quantum physics and a Ph.D. from the University of Reading in archaeology, researching ancient cosmologies. 
Having travelled to over 80 countries and worked with traditional wisdom keepers she is a life-long researcher into the unitive nature of reality. Author of 7 nonfiction books, latterly The Cosmic Hologram (2017) and The Story of Gaia (2022), since 1998 she has been in service to our collective and planetary healing and conscious evolution and in 2017 co-founded WholeWorld-View aiming to empower transformational change in the world.

Sujith Ravindran

A practitioner of the wisdom tradition of India, Sujith is a space-holder for prominent institutions, organizations, and their caretakers. He is the initiator of the “Penta-Bottom Line”, a Consciousness science based framework for measuring and managing contemporary organizations and institutions. In 2012, he was conferred the Ambassador of Peace award by the council of Assisi, Italy. He is a serial author in the field of consciousness, spirituality and leadership. He loves hot peppers.

Walter van Lucadou PhD

Walter von Lucadou currently works at the Parapsychologische Beratungsstelle, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Parapsychologie (WGFP). Walter does research in Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Science and Psychophysics. A current project his is working on is ‘Entanglement-correlations in psycho-physical systems’. He works with both experimental and theoretical methods, applying “Generalized Quantum Theory” (GQT) and the “Model of Pragmatic Information” (MPI) in experimental settings, field research and counselling.