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An open five-day scientific and experiential exploration of consciousness.


In Person


18-22, 2024


Residential Conference

Broughton Sanctuary
Skipton, Yorkshire, UK


Academics, Researchers and Practitioners
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Masters – 4 credits Doctoral – 4 credits

Available to the public
or for Academic Credit

"A mixture of rigorous science and insightful experience embedded in the kindness and curiosity of the fellow participants"
2023 Participant

Since its inaugural event in 2021, the annual Science and Consciousness conference has devoted itself to bridging the gap between scientific research and consciousness experiences that can’t be explained by currently accepted theories.

Featuring talks and discussions with the world’s top scientists, academics and practitioners in the field of consciousness studies and real-time experiments that everyone is invited to take part in, participants come away with a real sense of what in Anglo-Saxon terms was referred to as ‘wyrd’; an inherent understanding of our deep interconnection with the world about us.

The conference builds on the work of Professor Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne, Princeton scientists who dedicated almost thirty years to exploring our ability to affect the world around us with our consciousness. Their findings statistically demonstrated that we are indeed interconnected at the informational energetic level, and can interact outside of the standard parameters of time and space.


In other words, they empirically proved what ancient wisdom traditions have long stated; that interconnectedness with the world around us is a fact. The survival of humankind depends on our ability to learn this for ourselves.

The beautiful Broughton Sanctuary, where the event takes place, is now host to the equipment used in these experiments. You can explore this equipment for yourself, as well as taking the time to experience deep nature-connection through the use of Broughton’s facilities. The 3,000-acre Estate contains wildflower meadows, woodland, a vast nature-recovery program, a labyrinth, fire temple, Wellbeing Center and much more!

Available to the public or for Academic Credit

During these programs, you can expect to:

"The highlight of my year!"

Specialist Contributors over the Years:

David Vernon, PhD

Paula Petry, PhD

Marc Wittmann, PhD

Donna Thomas, PhD

Steve Taylor, PhD

Peter Merry, PhD

Wolfhardt Janu, PhD

Bernard Carr, PhD

Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne

Karen Darke

HH Khedrupchen Rinpoche

Paolo Morley-Fletcher 

Luigi Sciambarella

Dr. Jeffrey Dunne

Benjamin J. Butler

Kirsty Allan

Dr. David Luke

Dr Vasileios Basios

“This event will challenge you on many levels, and at the same time allow you to ask questions that you have never thought of or dreamed of. You will come away with a different perspective on life.”

Dr. Brenda Dunne

Headed the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research, founder International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL)

The Location

Participants stay at Broughton Sanctuary, set in the beautiful countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. With 3,000 acres of moors and woodlands, a spa and retreat centre, historic house and cozy cottages, and many facilities for outdoor activities, it is the ideal place to be exploring reconnection!

“Broughton Hall is the most beautiful environment for learning and connecting.”

Former participant


The Broughton Sanctuary is easily accessible by plane, car and public transport:

3 miles from Skipton Railway Station
24 miles from Leeds Bradford Airport
55 miles from Manchester Airport

For more info and maps see here

The most enlightening course I’ve ever been on. Connection between Science & Consciousness is the way forward….. Go and get involved!

Rachel Earing

Extra Information for Ubiquity University Students

This course qualifies for 4 credits for enrolled Ubiquity Students. To obtain academic credit for this independent study opportunity, you will need to pay our normal tuition rate in addition to the fee charged by the Science and Consciousness Conference, and turn in your post-paper for grading. If you would like to import this course for credit, please contact our Registrar at registrar@ubiquityuniversity.org and they will send you a separate Ubiquity University invoice. Cost: BA students – $400, MA students – $800 and PhD students – $1,200.

Requirements for enrolled Degree students to earn 4 Credits:

This course qualifies as an Independent Study Option for Ubiquity University Students.

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