Welcome, AIESECers!

AIESEC and Ubiquity University have partnered to bring you a pioneering new Talent Management System that will help you earn globally-accepted UbiCerts® credentials to showcase to the world and improve your career prospects.


UbiCerts® are global standard credentials – a ubiquitous certification of competence. Ubicerts® will help you showcase all of your skills to the world.

By applying for UbiCerts®, you will receive globally-accepted credentials that validate the skills and competencies you have developed during your work and experience at AIESEC

How UbiCerts® can benefit AIESEC

Here’s how the Ubiquity-AIESEC Talent Management System can benefit AIESEC, wherever you are

Enhance your Talent Management systems by aligning with global competency frame- works

Receive globally-accepted credentials for work experience with AIESEC

Improve employment prospects for current and recruited members

Enroll to be a part of a team of innovators helping to co-create the future of education

How it Works

Here’s how you earn UbiCerts® and make the most out of your AIESEC experience

Special Offer


AIESECERs receive a 10% discount on all of Ubiquity’s learning experiences including our full catalogue of online courses, micro-courses and in-person learning journeys