×BREAKING NEWS: Ubiquity University Reinvents Competency-Based Higher Education (FULL RELEASE) Ubiquity Raises $2.3 Million To Launch Cutting-Edge Competency-Based Social Learning Platform in May 2015 to Help Students Get The Next Generation Skills Needed to Survive and Thrive in Today's Hyper-Complex World....READ MORE


What if education was different?

What if its only purpose was to ignite, nurture, and amplify the profound genius of you?


Ubiquity University - a Whole new kind of education. For a whole new kind of world.

"A Whole New Kind of Education... For a Whole New Kind of World!"


An idea whose time has come

Ubiquity is redefining education on a global basis.

Ubiquity University Seal

What makes Ubiquity different?

Whole Brain, Whole System Learning with a Social Innovation Platform

In the current system, the focus is on the institution and the degrees they offer. In the revolution transforming education, the focus is increasingly on the student and the skills they need in a radically changing world. This reality is what education must address. This is what Ubiquity University is designed to provide. This is what sets us apart.



Each year, there are 100 million students worldwide qualified to go on to higher education who cannot do so due to cost or lack of infrastructure. Wherever you are -- in the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, or Latin America -- Ubiquity is committed to serving you with a world class affordable education.


In addition to the United States, Ubiquity has country partners in countries as diverse as Bangladesh, Brazil, European Union, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam dedicated to promoting Ubiquity as a global university.

All the courses will be in English with a software that enables local language subtitles. Our commitment to all students for whom English is a second language is that by graduation, you will have professional competency in the English language.

In each course, students will be grouped in pods of 21 students drawn from all over the world. This enables students to interact with their peers globally from day one.


"The critical need now is not for industrial workers but for creative leaders able to think outside the very system that produced them."


Ubiquity University

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