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Ubiquity University is committed to radical collaboration at every level. It is through strategic partnerships that we have built our institution and student learning systems. It is through partnerships that we continue to learn and improve our offerings to the global public. The list below indicates the range and depth of our collaborations.

Founded in 2008 by Thomas Hübl, the Academy of Inner Science aims to connect the wisdom of the inner world with the knowledge of the outer world. The Academy offers training modules, workshops, study groups, and facilitation training. These programs support individuals seeking a framework for their own personal development as well as the opportunity to cultivate a deeper transpersonal awareness and participate in collective evolutionary development.

African Development Bank was founded in 1964 to be a financial provider to African governments and private companies investing in the regional member countries. Similar to the Asian Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, it works as part of the global multilateral institutions which aid governments to enhance social wellbeing and economic growth. AfDB is partnering with Ubiquity to integrate Ubiquity’s Foundation in Soft Skills/SDGs course into their Coding for Employment program they are developing with Microsoft to train 10 million young Africans for employment with enhanced digital and Soft Skills. The initial pilot will be conducted in Senegal.

Ubiquity University has partnered with AIESEC International for a number of years to develop a system that would enable AIESEC members and exchange participants to receive credit towards academic degrees and professional diplomas for the competencies they developed during their work as members or experiences as exchange participants. Founded in 1948 in Belgium to support student exchanges, AIESEC is the largest student run organization in the world. The organization spans 126 countries and territories and every aspect of AIESEC’s operations is managed by students and recent graduates. The AIESEC in Bolivia GTa program includes Ubiquity University Courses to create in partnership offered to Bolivian professional youth to maximize their leadership and professional development before and after the international internship experience. Ubiquity University has also developed a package of courses for AIESEC Alumni International.

Alef Trust, based in the UK, is a non-profit organization offering online Graduate Education Programs, validated by UK universities, and Open Learning Courses for academic, professional, and personal development. Their transpersonal programs and courses are derived from a cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural, and holistic philosophy which integrates science and wisdom from Western and Eastern perspectives in psychology, consciousness, and human potential. Ubiquity students can take Alef courses for credit in relevant programs.

The Bildung Academie in Amsterdam is a 9-month intensive Dutch integral learning program for students, helping them develop the competencies and qualities needed for a rapidly changing world. It includes knowledge, self-mastery and project development. Ubiquity is providing digital content for the program, access to UbiVerse, our online platform, and is certifying the program as a Master of Arts (MA).

Broughton Hall Sanctuary in Yorkshire, UK hosts events for transforming our inner and outer nature at their beautiful 3,000 acre estate. Ubiquity University and Broughton Hall Sanctuary are developing a program to credential Broughton Hall experiences for credit towards Ubiquity degrees. Ubiquity is also exploring hosting events at Broughton Hall.

The Center for ECOintention in the Netherlands supports projects with ECOintention from organizations, events and natural areas in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France, to forests in Costa Rica, to estates in England and Scotland. The Center also runs courses, workshops, and a four-year vocational training program for individuals who wish to become an ECOintention Practitioner. The ECOintention training is registered by the CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) and meets the quality code for short vocational education. More than 100 ECOintention Practitioners have graduated so far. Some of them work for Center for ECOintention. Ubiquity University offers a Master of Science degree for ECOintention Practitioners who have completed the four year ECOintention training.

Daraz, an AliBaba Company, is South Asia’s premiere online shopping marketplace with an active presence in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Nepal. Daraz boasts over 30,000 sellers, 500 brands and 5 million customers in the region. Ubiquity has been working with Daraz to provide corporate training to Daraz staff in Sri Lanka in areas such as Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, and more. Daraz has recently expressed an interest in a long-term relationship with Ubiquity wherein Ubiquity educational content will be made available on Daraz’s regional learning hub, thereby extending Ubiquity’s brand and services to over 30,000 sellers across the region.

DentsuGRANT is one of Sri Lanka’s leading advertising and communications firms. Ubiquity has now become their primary provider of corporate learning content providing workshops and training on Presentation Skills, Mindfulness, Critical Thinking, and more.

Founded in 1999, Dream a Dream in India works with over 10,000 young people a year through two innovation labs — the After School Life Skills Program and Career Connect Program — to enhance life skills and job accessibility. They have trained over 7,500 teachers and educators as well as over one million students through strategic partnerships with state governments in India with the intent to empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to overcome adversity and thrive in a fast-changing world. They have partnered with Ubiquity University to develop a Soft Skills/SDG program for their students.

Eduser is an NGO in Colombia that works to generate discussions and reflections related to educational quality and the importance that young people acquire a greater awareness of their role as citizens and of their ability to transform society, through laws and education, to that their rights are not violated and that education is transformed, so that it contributes to the achievement of a society of peace, progress and great opportunities for its members. Ubiquity and Eduser have partnered to develop a Soft Skills/SDGs program for Colombian youth.

FutureLearn is an online course provider that partners with universities and specialist organizations worldwide to promote and distribute their courses. It offers hundreds of courses to over 10 million subscribers. FutureLearn and Ubiquity have partnered to offer Ubiquity’s Foundation in Soft Skills/SDG program globally.

The Global Council for Tolerance and Peace was founded in 2017 by a coterie of international figures and academics as an international platform dedicated to tolerance and spreading peace and noble human values. It is an international organization that relies on democratic principles and takes from the International Law and Covenants its own work system in order to work for true and sustained peace for human kind through spreading the culture of tolerance between countries. The Council also build the policy of ‘soft power’ as an effective instrument for global diplomacy. Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al-Jarwan serves as president. He was the Head of the Arabic Parliament from 2012 until 2016 and since 2011 holds the position of Member in the Emirati Federal National Council. The Council has partnered with Ubiquity to jointly offer a Masters degree in Tolerance and Peace and to build a global coalition of groups dedicated to tolerance and peace which will both provide content for the MA and recruit students.

Ubiquity has partnered with over 300 organisations worldwide to offer daily broadcasts on Zoom as the world traverses the COVID 19 pandemic to enable people globally to come together to share their experiences as we all navigate through the pandemic and take counsel together as to how we can increase our strategic effectiveness. Launched on May 22, 2020, Humanity Rising has featured over 900 speakers and is broadcast daily over 40 plus partner channels to 15,000 – 20,000 people in over 130 countries.

Integral Transpersonal Institute is a network of transpersonal practitioners based in Milan, Italy that aims to develop and promote an integral transpersonal approach in the fields of health, well-being, personal evolution, and education. ITI has co-developed several programs in Integral Transpersonal Psychology with Ubiquity including a BachelorBachelor CompletionMaster and a Doctoral program.

The Lions Club is the largest service organization in the world with over 1.4 million members in 47,000 chapters in over 200 countries around the world. Ubiquity is in partnership with the Lions Club in Sri Lanka to develop a leadership training program for emerging leaders and Young Lions to enhance their life competencies and social skills.

MasterPeace is an award-winning global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, currently existing in more than 40 countries around the world. Launched in 2011, MasterPeace mobilizes people around the world to use their talent and energy for peace building and togetherness, through music, sports, arts and dialogue. Ubiquity provides programs to support MasterPeace’s clubs develop their peace projects.

Mindhive is a crowd sourcing platform for ideas generation and management with a diverse and global expert community. It focuses on convening diverse people in online chat groups to discuss and solve complex problems. Mindhive and Ubiquity have partnered to create on Mindhive an course recommendation engine of Ubiquity courses for the various discussion groups on Mindhive. Reciprocally, Ubiquity is featuring Mindhive in Humanity Rising initially in the Public Health discussion group so Humanity Rising and Mindhive can create synergistic discussion groups.

NSDC, based in India, aims to promote skill development by catalyzing the creation of large, quality, for-profit vocational institutions. The organization provides funding to build scalable and profitable vocational training initiatives. NSDC acts as a catalyst in skill development by providing funding to enterprises, companies, and organizations that provide skill training. It also develops appropriate models to enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives. Since its founding in 2008, it has trained over 20 million people. NSDC and Ubiquity have partnered to develop a custom designed program in Soft Skills/SDGs which Ubiquity will provide.

ONCA/Panthera is an international NGO working to empower indigenous communities in their efforts to protect their lands against government and corporate encroachment, and to sustain their mystical traditions based on natural processes. ONCA and Ubiquity have partnered to offer degree programs in indigenous medicine and healing techniques.

Socionext provides highly interactive hands-on training in social innovation, entrepreneurship skills development and rapid prototyping based on Design Thinking and the Lean Start-up methodology. Socionext is providing the core program for Ubiquity’s Impact! Social Entrepreneurship Pathway.

Ubiquity University is working with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Education to train upwards of 10,000 teachers and 500,000 students over the next several years in our Foundation in Soft Skills and UN SDGs Program. This is being developed with support from the Asian Development Bank. Soft Skills are now considered critical 21st century skills and the Sri Lankan Government is making them a national priority in education along with learning High Tech/Digital Skills and English.

Ubiquity University and The Monastery at Manchester, UK are jointly designing and delivering blended learning programs for both residential and digital lifelong learners, including offerings on various wisdom traditions and contemplative practices. Taking place in The Monastery’s newly restored 19th-century Franciscan Cathedral, the venue’s robust residential offerings are augmented by the variety of accredited curriculum and flexible delivery offered by Ubiquity’s Wisdom School, and provides an in-person campus for Ubiquity’s online students to participate in their local community. A new Master in Modern Mysticism program is under development.

Ubiquity has partnered with the UNESCO Academy and the UNESCO Collective Healing and Global Flourishing Program to provide a platform through Ubiquity’s UbiVerse for the courses and programs that the Academy and Collective Healing Program will be developing. The UNESCO Academy is developing transformational literacy content and the UNESCO Collective Healing and Global Flourishing Program is developing content that addresses the legacy of slavery, encourages new research, defines new approaches to healing and structural justice, and supports people of African descent in contributing proactively to human solidarity.

Ubiquity University has partnered with UCI in Costa Rica to develop a new MBA called a Master in Regenerative Action with a growing coalition of global partners including Bounce Beyond, Capital Institute, Cascading Sustainability, Corporación Bosqueduca, Doughnut Economics Action Lab, Integral City Meshworks, GAIA Education, Global Ethics Foundation, Green Project Management, H3Uni, Institute for Cooperative Bio-Balance, Lighthouse Futures, Meraki, Oceanic Research Institute, OpEPA, Populus Community Planning, Prescott College, Presencing Institute, Regenerative Communities Network, SDG Transformations Forum, Social Capital Forum, The Flourishing Initiative, Transition World, VERSO International School, Wise Generation, 7Vortex.

UN SDG:Learn is a United Nations initiative that aims to bring relevant and curated learning solutions on sustainable development topics to individuals and organizations. Through the collaborative efforts of the United Nations, multilateral organizations, and sustainable development partners from universities, civil society, academia and the private sector, UN SDG:Learn provides a unique gateway that empowers individuals and organizations through an informed decision when selecting among a wealth of SDG-related learning products and services that are currently available. Ubiquity University is working together with UN SDG:Learn to provide a learning platform for courses focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ubiquity University is providing Vietnam National University with a comprehensive rollout of Ubiquity’s hallmark Foundation in Soft Skills and UN SDGs course. The program, soon to be a core offering at VNU, trains students in essential skills within the context of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals to ensure they are equipped with the necessary competencies and mindsets to thrive in the current and future economies of a hypercomplex world. Raji Jayasinghe, Ubiquity’s VP for Asia and Master Trainer, is overseeing the rollout and management of this academic partnership.

Ubiquity University is providing the World Bank’s Global Financing Facility with a package of courses to support participants in the development of transformative leadership and related competencies during a Country Leadership Program for systems change in the healthcare sector. The program participants include government ministers, top civil servants, leaders of Civil Society Organizations and CEOs of companies. Dr. Peter Merry, Ubiquity’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, is part of the core team developing and delivering the leadership program.

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