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  • Dianne mentioned phil in a public message 2 months ago

    @phil Hi Phil! Where are you from? What is important to you? Why are you coming to Ubiquity? Just wondering about who you are, and want to get to know you. Dianne

    • phil replied 2 months ago

      Hi Dianne! I work with David Morgan and the Skillsbook website development team. I do a lot of the course building, mapping design, testing, a tiny bit of programming (though I usually leave that for the experts) and a few other administrative things. They plug me in where they need me! How did you get involved with Ubiquity?

    • Hi Phil,
      I actually have been with Wisdom University since the beginning–first as a Ph.D. student (yet to actually write my dissertation)! After I completed all my coursework, I started volunteering and supporting the start-up of Ubiquity. Currently, I am hoping to be one of the major designers of their Scholarship Program as well as creating a c…[Read more]


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