Understanding Science and the Mind

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Course Description

This course is based around a common theme: the Mind. We start small, exploring the inner workings of our atomic world, examining how atoms form molecules, and eventually how these molecules and macromolecules behave and work together in living systems through the study of basic biochemistry and molecular biology. You will study how the brain and nervous system gives rise to human consciousness and explore how this consciousness changes through different life experiences: moments of intense emotion, drug-induced states, and psychopathology. You will study how these mental states affect the brain, which in turn can affect the rest of the body.  You will also study larger picture scenarios of the content discussed, and will be encouraged to reflect critically and express your own inclinations.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you will understand:

  • The very basics of the life sciences, i.e. organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular  biology, physiology and more.
  • The  concepts that encompass sciences that pertain directly to the study of the  mind, i.e. neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology.
  • The  applications of the sciences that study the mind i.e. psychopharmacology, A.I.,  medicine and more.
  • Ways in which living systems exhibit patterns, interconnectivity, and the way in which these concepts relate to science and mind.

Your Instructor – Andrew Kornfeld

Andrew Kornfeld, B.A., B.S. is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) where he studied both Neuroscience and Psychology. At UCSC, he co-founded and served as President of the Brain, Mind and Consciousness (BMC) Society, whose mission is to explore human cognition, behavior, and experience through student-led and -directed education. He received an Award of Special Achievement from the Department of Psychology and the Dean’s Award in Undergraduate Education. Andrew serves as Director of Communications and New Patient Services at Recovery Without Walls, an innovative and evidence-based medical program in the treatment of chronic pain and chemical dependency.

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Welcome and Information Lite

Module 1 - Introductions to Science and the Mind Lite

Module 2 - Starting Small: The Building Blocks of Life, Part 1 Lite

Module 3 - Starting Small: The Building Blocks of Life, Part 2 Lite

Module 4 - The Brain and Nervous System, Part 1 Lite

Module 5 - The Brain and Nervous System, Part 2 Lite

Module 6 - The Brain and Nervous System, Part 3 Lite

Module 7 - Pharmacology and the Brain Lite

Module 8 - Implications of Brain Science, Cognition, and Psychology, Part 1 Lite

Module 9 - Implications of Brain Science, Cognition, and Psychology, Part 2 Lite

Module 10 - Technology and the Future of Mind Lite

Module 11 - Selections from Mainstream Psychology and Behavior Lite

Module 12 - Stress and Psychopathology Lite

Module 13 - The Debate on Scientific Paradigms, Religion, and Consciousness Lite

Module 14 - Introduction to Non-traditional Psychology Lite

Module 15 - Ecology of Mind and Patterns in Nature Lite