Transformational Mathematics

This course is different from any math course most have ever seen. Engage in a walking tour through many of the basic languages and principles of mathematics and find amazement in these very ancient forms of human inquiry. Learn to be comfortable with mathematical concepts and integrate them in your daily life.

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 Course Description

Transformational Mathematics is different from any math course that most have ever seen. This course is a walking tour through many of the basic languages and principles of mathematics. Our desire is to end up not only more comfortable with mathematical concepts, but hopefully enjoying, and actually finding amazement in these very ancient forms of human inquiry. Furthermore, we hope to feel the sort of comfort that allows us to employ mathematical concepts in our daily lives. And for some, we hope to inspire further and deeper investigation into these mathematical concepts.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate comfort and competence in working with variables, exponents, fractions, decimals and percents en route to generating appropriate equations leading to the solving of complex word problems.
  • draw, analyze and interpret linear, quadratic and logarithmic functions and graphs.
  • find practical and appropriate use of statistical and probabilistic data.
  • recognize and generate geometric shapes, measurements, theorems and basic trigonometric principles.
  • appreciate and speak the foundational language of mathematics as heard through numbers theory and calculus.
  • comfortably begin to explore and examine the qualitative and quantitative, sacredly geometric patterns of this spectacular living universe.

Your Instructor – Dr. Tom McGarrity

Prior to coming to Ubiquity University, Dr. McGarrity taught algebra at Waubonsee Community College for six years after receiving his Masters of Arts degree in Education, with a concentration in mathematics, from Loyola University Chicago. Through Transformational Mathematics, Dr. McGarrity encourages us to take a fresh look at mathematics before heading out into the world. Overcoming any fears or mathematical discomforts, Dr. McGarrity inspires us to re-acquaint ourselves with the languages and principles of mathematics, so that we might speak them freely and confidently in our daily lives.

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