Switch On Changemaker Coaching Kit

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In an increasingly disrupted world, one of the core skills we need to develop is our ability to coach others. Coaching isn’t just for a few experts, it’s for everyone who desires to take themselves and their teams to higher levels of personal and professional success. Ubiquity University has partnered with Switch-On to offer our students this self-paced changemaker coaching toolkit for you to use to learn how to really get things done both as an individual and as a team.

To get the most out of your coaching kit, you should partner up with a fellow student, colleague or friend and both of you should purchase it so you can work together on your peer-to-peer coaching skills.

Each lesson contains a short introduction video and the contents of the kit itself with clear instructions on how to work through it with your partner.

This is an optional activity and anyone can purchase it regardless of enrollment status. Enrolled students do not receive additional academic credit for engaging with the material however, this is a value add-on at a special price just for you and is meant to increase your capacity in all areas of your life.

Pricing: $75 USD

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