Madonna Rising, Chartres, France August 12-19, 2019

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Join us at Chartres’ holiest time during the Feast of the Assumption of Mary and the honoring of the Black Madonna. A time for deep reflection, joyous celebration and dance. The world situation requires nothing less than a full immersion in the divine feminine to navigate and thrive. This mandates in turn a fundamental revisioning of the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves. Both must now happen together. Rising women with Rising men erotically, passionately, dynamically, synergistically and compassionately coming together can powerfully shape the world to come.

Dates: August 12-19, 2019
Location:  Chartres, France
Faculty: Anne Baring, Apela Colorado, Ruth Cunningham, Jim Garrison, Andrew Harvey, Banafsheh Sayyad
Academic Credit:  Ubiquity University B.A. & Masters – 4 credits; The Wisdom School (WS) Doctoral – 4 credits

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Madonna Rising:
Visions of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Union

“It’s in the depth of his wisdom that you will learn who she is. And what marvelous sweetness waits for the lovers who live in each other. Each lives in the other in such a way that neither of them could ever know how to distinguish themselves. But they revel one in the other in all reciprocity…mouth to mouth, heart to heart, body to body, soul to soul. One unique divine nature runs in and crosses through each of them and it is thus that they must stay.” – Hadewijch of Antwerp, 13th Century Mystic

This pilgrimage will center us deeply in the heart of Chartres. We will be there on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary (August 15) which honors the Church doctrine, enunciated by the Pope in 1950, that Mary was assumed directly into heaven upon her death and now presides as the Mother of God. Carl Jung believed that this doctrine elevating the feminine into the Godhead marked the most important  development in Christian theology in the last 2000 years. This year’s Feast coincides with the full moon. A city that has reverenced the feminine for several thousand years, honors the feminine in the deepest of ways. On the Day of the Assumption, the Black Madonna is carried through the streets before being placed in front of the statue of the Assumption of Mary. She is kept in the Choir for one week and then hidden away till the following year.

Parading the Black Madonna recalls the way the Druids in ancient times brought her out of the grotto underneath the granite promontory upon which the cathedral today stands. They honored Mother Earth and the cycles of the seasons through the Black Madonna. Being in Chartres at this one time of the year will both deepen our Memory of ancient rites and activate our souls to a greater reverence for the Mother of God.

It is within this sacred space that we will honor the divine feminine and contemplate how she can most powerfully be present with us today. She has many guises and appears as She wills. The aspect we will explore is new visions of the relationship between the divine feminine and divine masculine, so powerfully depicted in the north (Mary) and south (Christ) rose windows of the cathedral. We will contemplate the nature of the Hieros Gamos, the classical term for when the king or high priest would copulate with the high priestess in Springtime to ensure the fertility of the crops. How do we revision and rework these themes into a new understanding of true union?

There is no issue challenging human society more than how we understand the relationship between the feminine and the masculine in the aftermath of 5,000 years of patriarchy. Since civilization began, the feminine and the masculine have been split from one another with the feminine subordinate to the masculine. Today, patriarchy is collapsing all around us and the rise of women all over the world offers an unprecedented opportunity to revision the relationship between the sexes, the cosmic archetypal forms of feminine and masculine, and their union.

With women rising around the world, how do men define their masculinity? How does the masculine revision itself in a way that is aligned with the rising feminine? Is it time to return to the primordial spirituality of the Great Mother when the masculine was viewed as an aspect of the Mother and was even sometimes depicted as within the womb of the Mother? How do women define themselves in relation to the new men?

Given the urgency of our time, the answer to these questions may not only be crucial to human survival but help shape the ethos of the civilization to come. There is nowhere where this exploration is more appropriate than Chartres, the locus of sacred power of the feminine since time immemorial, and the cathedral that represents the union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in full splendor.

Ubiquity Chartres Academy was founded in 2006 to commemorate the founding of the original Chartres Academy by Fulbert in 1006. We have been coming to Chartres now for thirteen years, a number known in sacred geometry as “twelve around the one.” Jesus and his disciples were twelve around the one. The Rose windows depicting Mary and Christ in Chartres cathedral are structured as twelve around the one. It is a symbol of completion and thus a time for renewal. In 2019, we will be starting a new cycle of twelve around the one. Our first cycle was centered around Fulbert and Plato, thus very masculine. The new one needs to be around Mary and the Black Madonna, thus very feminine.


  • Anne Baring, PhD author and co-author of 7 books will join in a live virtual dialogue with Andrew Harvey on the history of the Great Mother and her vision of a new relationship between the Divine Feminine and Masculine.
  • Apela Colorado, PhD indigenous scientist of the Oneida-Gaul ancestry will lead the invocations and rituals.
  • Ruth Cunningham classically trained musician, sound healer and founding member of the Anonymous 4 will create soundscapes.
  • Jim Garrison, PhD will moderate the proceedings, speak on various aspects of the Assumption of Mary and of Gaia as a new organizing framework for spiritual development, and lead the sessions for men to awaken to their Divine Masculine energy.
  • Andrew Harvey, PhD (Hons) scholar, mystic and author of more than 30 books, will dialogue with Anne Baring, sharing his understanding of the Black Madonna and vision of a new relationship between the feminine and the masculine, both divine and secular.
  • Banafsheh Sayyad, sacred dancer and choreographer who is shaping the new expression of the Chartres Academy as Creative Director of the Ubiquity University, will guide us to embody the ideas explored during the week, and lead the sessions for women to awaken their Divine Feminine energy.

Daily Program

Each day will include Sacred Practice, an opening Session, presentations on the Divine Feminine and Masculine, a sound bath, sacred dance, immersion in the Cathedral, and personal time for meditation and exploration. Women and men will meet separately and together during the course of our time together. We plan to have one private evening in the cathedral devoted to walking the labyrinth, accompanied by Gregorian chant, and another private evening in the crypt. We will spend time in the cathedral reflecting on the many aspects of Mary and communing with the Black Madonna.

Required Reading
(if taking course for academic credit)
1) Anne Baring, The Dream of the Cosmos
2) Jill Geoffrin, Visions of Mary
3) Andrew Harvey, Evolutionary Love Relationships and/or The Soulmate Contract: The Power of Partnership in Your Spiritual Life

Post-Class Assignment (if taking course for academic credit)
Requirement for BA students is a 12-15 page paper, and Doctoral students, a 20-25 page paper, focused on one or more aspects of the relationship between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine, as well as new forms of their union or Hieros Gamos, weaving together content from the lectures, discussions, artistic activities, reading materials and your experiences related to the entire course. Artistic work is welcome to supplement your paper.


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