IE – Business Economics Fundamentals – Lesson 7 – Funding Basics: Part Two – Video and Reflection Task


Reflection Task:

Please conduct the following exercise: Completely customize your first pro forma to reflect your business – take that initial work you did earlier and detail it out to get to the milestone you set out. Don’t worry if there are still gaps that you just don’t know yet, but make an effort to reflect your best current thinking. Articulate your potential subsequent capital needs and consider how you will approach these. Be aware of how confident you are in your assumptions:

  • Wild guesses
  • Things you’re very solid about – reference good data, capture source
  • In between – educated guesses. Some homework, some data

Single nanocourses do not qualify for academic credit. However, enrolled students can add twelve nanocourses together, and purchase a Nanocourse Credit Conversion option. If you are going to do that, please gather all reflection questions and your answers in a single document throughout the course. You will upload them all for grading once you purchase the Nanocourse Credit Conversion Option.

IE – Business Economics Fundamentals – Lesson 7 – Funding basics 2 –Video