Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Faculty: Darin Eich, PhD
  • Trimester Course
  • 3 hours/week, 15 Weeks
  • Content Category: Impact

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Course Description:

This course is based on Darin Eich’s book, “Innovation Step-by-Step.” It will help you to master the “Innovation Step-by-Step” system and apply it to challenges that are real to you. The learning and skill development from this course will come from engaging in real-world activities and projects that will help you learn the techniques to create even larger projects. Through your coursework you will create hundreds of ideas with the goal of actually launching some of them, and creating your own entrepreneurial business or organization as a result.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • apply an innovation system, methods, tools and techniques towards a challenge you are passionate about;
  • create more than 100 raw ideas for your innovation challenge to validate and develop into 4 concepts;
  • design and communicate the top concepts for your entrepreneurship or social innovation endeavor;
  • devise your own innovation toolkit and process that works best for you; and,
  • utilize your innovative mindset and skills for other challenges in your work and life.


Darin Eich, PhD is the author of, “Innovation Step-by-Step: How to Create and Develop Ideas for your Challenge,” and “Root Down and Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs.” His expertise is in designing and facilitating leadership programs, innovation training, conferences, and events that are innovative initiatives. Darin is the founder of Innovation Learning LLC, and was the President and co-founder of BrainReactions, an innovation and idea generation company founded with a leadership program for students that has gone on to be recognized by US News and BusinessWeek. Darin got his PhD in educational leadership and innovation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Course Contact Information:

Course content is delivered by faculty. With the exception of “lite” versions, courses are led by a Course Facilitator (CF) who is available to answer questions, offer additional assistance, and assess the final creative assignments for academic credit. For questions regarding facilitation you may contact our Director of Course Facilitation at facilitator @ (Sorry! Direct email link not provided due to spam bots.)

IE - Course Syllabus (Current Draft for Course Pilot)

IE - Module 1 - Innovation 101: Why & how to get started with innovation (Online Workshop)

IE - Module 2 - Innovative Mindset Part I (Online Workshop)

IE - Module 3 - Innovative Mindset Part II

IE - Module 4 - Entrepreneur Innovation: Create YOUR product or service (Online Workshop)

IE - Module 5: Preparing to Ideate (Systematic Innovation Online Workshop Part I)

IE - Module 6 - Systematic Ideation with Questions & Techniques (Systematic Innovation Online Workshop Part II)

IE - Module 7 - Validating & Communicating (Systematic Innovation Online Workshop Part III)

IE - Creative Assignment

IE - Module 8 (Optional) -Structure & Strategy for Brainstorming

IE - Module 9 (Optional) - Individual Techniques & Tools for Brainstorming

IE - Module 10 (Optional) - Facilitating Brainstorming with Groups

IE - Module 11 (Optional) - Brainstorming for Organizations

IE - Module 12 (Optional) - Conduct your Innovation Session with Stakeholders

IE - Module 13 (Optional) - Customer Focused Front End of Innovation (Online Seminar)

IE - Module 14 (Optional) - Innovate WITH your Customers (Online Seminar)

IE - Module 15 (Optional) - Higher Levels of Innovation Learning (Online Workshop)

IE - Creative Assignment - Review