016 – Combined BA Completion/MA in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

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Combined BA Completion/MA in Integral Transpersonal Psychology

This section describes the pre-designed combined BA-Completion/MA Degree in Integral Transpersonal Psychology including the requirements, courses and information about the coursework. Note that this degree program is available for learners who have between 60 – 90 prior undergraduate level credits or hold one of the following documents:

  • Counseling Skills Certificate from ITI
  • Diploma of Integral Transpersonal Counseling from ITI
  • Counseling Diploma from an ITI-accredited School

The Ubiquity ITP Combined BA-Completion/MA Degree is composed of 60 credits made up of 16 study courses and a dissertation worth 10 credits.

To learn more, you can read the Integral Transpersonal Psychology Handbook.

Core Courses (27 Credits): A set of 8 (eight) core courses

BA Level – $100 Per Credit

  1. Foundations of Integral Transpersonal Psychology (Pier Luigi Lattuada, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  2. Theories and Methods of Integral Transpersonal Psychology (Pier Luigi Lattuada, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  3. Integral Flourishing – Part One (Lee Mason, UU) (3 credits online)
  4. Integral Flourishing – Part Two (Lee Mason, UU) (3 credits online)
  5. Great Books (Jim Garrison, PhD and Gyorgyi Szabo, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)

MA Level – $200 Per Credit

  1. The Creative Journey to Dissertation: Finding your Voice, Making your Mark (Gyorgyi Szabo, PhD – UU) (4 credits online)
  2. Ubiquity Chartres Academy – Virtual or In-Person (UU) (4 credits online or in-person)
  3. Beyond the Mind – In-Person Retreat (ITI) (4 credits in-person)

Elective Courses (23 credits): An additional series of approximately 7 courses plus a 2 webinars either Live or Archived at the MA Level – $200 Per Credit

Available now:

  1. Decoding Life: A Radical New View of Reality (Jude Currivan, UU) (3 credits online)
  2. Life Span Development and Human Experience (Pier Luigi Lattuada, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  3. Creativity, Critical and Integral Thinking (Pier Luigi Lattuada, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  4. Integral Transpersonal Education (Gabriella Delmonte, ITI) (3 credits online)
  5. Psychobiology, States of Consciousness and Neuroscience (Regina U. Hess, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  6. Integral Transpersonal Counseling (Simona Vigo, ITI) (3 credits online)
  7. Clinical and Dynamic Psychology (Jure Biechonski, MSc – ITI) (3 credits online)
  8. Cosmopolitan Communication (Kazuma Matoba, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)
  9. Transformative Inner Science – Foundations (Kazuma Matoba, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)
  10. Addiction and Its Treatment (Guy du Plessis, MA – UU) (3 credits online)
  11. Living in a Living Universe (Duane Elgin – UU) (3 credits online)
  12. Foundation in Soft Skills & UN SDGs (Shelly Alcorn – UU) (3 credits online)
  13. Foundations of Critical Thinking for Learning and Everyday Life (Linda Elder, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)
  14. Non-Violent Conflict – An Overview (Bob Kezar, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)
  15. Merry Musings (Peter Merry, PhD – UU) (3 credits online)

Coming soon:

  1. The Integral Transpersonal Vision: Maps and Models (Pier Luigi Lattuada, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  2. History and Principles of Transpersonal Psychology (Steven Schmitz, ITI) (3 credits online)
  3. Social Psychology, Hypercomplexity and Sustainability (Bruno Di Loreto, ITI) (3 credits online)
  4. Personality Theories and Transpersonal Evolution (Caifang Zu, PhD – ITI) (3 credits online)
  5. Eco-Psychology (Andrea Molinari, ITI) (3 credits online)
  6. Olo-Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Work (Matteo Hu, ITI) (3 credits online)
  7. PNEI and Mindfulness (Davide Ferraris, ITI) (3 credits online)
  8. Ethno-Psychology (Paolo Cianconi, ITI) (3 credits online)
  9. Integral Transpersonal Acting (Valentina Lattuada, ITI) (3 credits online)
  10. History and Principles of Counseling and Coaching, (ITI) (3 credits online)
  11. Out of the Castle: The Hero’s Journey and Spiritual Emergency, (ITI) (3 credits online)
  12. The Field: Systemic and Archetypal Constellation, (ITI) (3 credits online)
  13. The Shift: Integral Transpersonal Mindfulness, (ITI) (3 credits online)
  14. Integral Transpersonal Skills: A New Corporate Paradigm (Sara Gambelli – ITI) (3 credits online)
  15. Shamanic Legacy and Psychology of the Future, (ITI) (3 credits online)

Cost: Approximately $9,000 plus dissertation fee $1950, and thesis submission fee $450.

To apply for this program, you need to be accredited/certified as a counselor by ITI or an ITI-sponsored School, or transfer credits from previous academic pathways. If you are transferring credits from another academic institution, you must have between 60 – 90 prior undergraduate level credits. If your prior education is from outside of the US, you may be required to produce an International Transcript Evaluation via SpanTran in order to determine credit transfer.

As a global institution, Ubiquity University is not accredited by any single state or nation. We are a member of the Global Accreditation Council which seeks to establish a new standard for universal education dedicated to regenerative ecological, social and spiritual principles.